OOnu®'s mission is to bring consumers to the local restaurants. In the restaurant business, the menu attracts customers. Your Online-Order-Menu ('OOnu') will be accessible via mobile devices thereby generating more sales from mobile consumers.

OOnu.menu® is built as an online community serving local restaurants to give them an 'active' presence on the web, mobile devices, and social networks.

  • On OOnu®, each 'active' restaurant can build, offer and advertise its own menu-on-the-go, accept orders and payment online, and manage special offers and daily deals for more sales, at low cost, via the internet.
  • OOnu® is a free-download mobile app for consumers to see the menu and order food that fits their mood. OOnu® is also available for online ordering.
  • OOnu® makes it easier for consumers to see your restaurant's menu, daily deals and special offers; therefore, it makes them more likely to order from your restaurant.